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Need To Know: Important Tricks On Daily Weather For Phones That Will Blow Your Mind (Updated).

But it is not clear what is producing this green color as it certainly is not vegetation. Evidence does exist in the terrain that water has eroded some of the soil. No flowing water is present today, but NASA announced on March 2, 2004 that the two rovers, Spirit and Opportunity confirmed liquid water once flowed on Mars.

As a local TV meteorologist, I wonder whose forecasts you have actually looked at. I can also tell you this whole “fudge the forecast to improve ratings” is absolutely not the case. This is a good example of shoddy science with what appear to be made up “facts” to support your claims. You clearly looked at a very small and unrepresentative sample of TV stations and NWS offices for your “study.” No forecaster, television or otherwise, is or will ever be 100% accurate. Thankfully some of the others who have commented on this post seem to notice the bias and inaccuracy with which you have reported. I would never say the National Weather Service does a bad job, but frequently they aren’t even in the area of the local TV station, and the tv meteorologists in those areas tend to perform quite well.

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One cooling degree-day is also the amount of cooling required to keep that structure at 65ºF when the temperature remains 24ºF above that 65º threshold for 1 hour. One heating degree-day is the amount of heat required to keep a structure at 65ºF when the outside temperature remains one degree below the 65ºF threshold for 24 hours. One heating degree-day is also the amount of heat required to keep that structure at 65ºF when the temperature remains 24ºF below that 65º threshold for 1 hour. The Vancouver Island School-Based Weather Station Network is an education first project. Data from the network are made freely availableas is to the public with no guarantee of accuracy or availability. This work bySchool-Based Weather Station Network is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  • Daily radar maps are customized for you based on your zipcode.
  • Cold and dry, light winds blowing a bit out to right, a bit left to right.
  • The overnight minimum temperature range was from 7.0 degrees at Coonawarra to 18.8 degrees at Minnipa.
  • But, heavy weather events – severe storms, high winds, etc., often do affect radon levels tremendously.

Note that at the top of the table of map names you can click a tab for ahead 12 hours (or back 12 hours, etc.).Each map has a color scale above the map. Each stream gauge chart lists the Flood Stage level in feet . A sample chart for the San Luis Rey River in Oceanside California is illustrated in Section 1-23. If the river is in flood, you can see where the water level currently at . There are typically 8 days in Daily Weather the past, and 12 days projected in the future.

Data Assimilation Method Offers Improved Hurricane Forecasting

Air is a mixture of gases, which includes mostly nitrogen, oxygen, but also some argon, carbon dioxide and water vapor . All air contains at least some water vapor, but the amount of water vapor changes a lot from place to place and from time to time. The amount of water vapor in air can increase when water evaporates from land and water surfaces, and as plants respire. Humidity decreases when water vapor condenses to form very small drops of liquid water, forming clouds or growing to become rain drops. Sometimes more water is evaporating into the atmosphere, sometimes more water is condensing out of the atmosphere, and sometimes as much water evaporates into the atmosphere as condenses out of it. When evaporation is the same as condensation at a location in the atmosphere, scientists call the air at this point saturated.