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Donald Trump’s creepy commentary about child Ivanka: a brief history

Donald Trump’s creepy commentary about child Ivanka: a brief history

A daddy’s love does not explain what’s happening here


In a job interview with CNN host Anderson Cooper, previous Playboy model Karen McDougal chatted at length about an event she stated to possess carried out with President Donald Trump beginning in 2006. One of the more asiame  tips notable details into the discussion ended up being her declaration that Trump compared her to his oldest daughter, Ivanka.

“He said I happened to be stunning like her and, you understand, ‘you’re a good girl.’ there clearly wasn’t a complete lot of comparing, but there clearly was some. We heard great deal about her,” McDougal told Cooper.

Many dads tend to be more than pleased to sing the praises of the daughters’ minds and beauty, but Trump’s respect for Ivanka appears to be far beyond standard — especially compared to his daughter that is youngest, Tiffany.

While McDougal generally seems to believe that Trump’s remarks about Ivanka are not that away from line, the president has an extended reputation for strange actions and remarks about Ivanka.

During a 2011 meeting with InTouch magazine about an event that she claims to own carried out with Trump in 2006, porn actress Stormy Daniels stated that Trump compared her to Ivanka also. “He said as soon as she said that I was someone to be reckoned with, beautiful, smart, just like his daughter.