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No fan of bundled add-ons/extensions with a browser to create a “feature rich” experience, so why do i use Vivaldi? Because the App which is creating the UI is maintained by that developers and they will not dumb it down and make it more and more feature rich.

I like the customization and especially the ability to quickly increase the font size via slider in the status bar. The browser is fast and I like it, would like to use it as my default browser but adding a bookmark is simply a nightmare. I guess I am doing something wrong but I read and tried everything. they are a small team and people are asking too much from them. 8 – the lack of support for the native GUI of windows (i really wish this could be changed and i believe i’m not the only one who wants that).

  • Although we’re talking mere seconds, it really becomes noticeable as HDDs age.
  • A previous message said to use CHKDSK to repair the bad cluster.
  • As data continues to be stored and erased in random locations over time, this effect is amplified.
  • This is one of the many reasons why HDDs are considered inferior to their speedy SSD brethren.
  • My HD stopped working suddenly and it ask for windows repairing, I tried to reinstall windows for repairing, but unfortunately it refuse to install windows unless if I format the HD.

I find Vivaldi is a very promising browser in many respects, I really like it. Right now it’s my second browser, but not yet my default one . 1 – The available color schemes are awful, and apparently there is no support for themes at this time, or at least I couldn’t figure out how to install themes.

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You can even replace some of Vivaldi’s own code if you want to, which some unofficial patches already offer right now. That’s the potential of this design at least, but you’re not getting there easily, since Vivaldi itself doesn’t provide any help or support for that feature. I hope the developers will offer true extensibility in form of custom browser behavior and proper themes at some point in the future, but it’ll be a while yet until we know their decision on this.

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History Eraser stopped working properly for me, but it’s not such a big deal. As for the rest, it’s comparable to Opera and Chromium, starts maybe even faster, RAM usage is OK , pages load properly fast and I like it. I’ve been using the Beta occasionally along with Firefox, now I can use this even more often. I love how it’s the only browser where I can put “close tab” buttons to the left like the rest of my interface.

despite I like more the firefox add-on, because it shows on a small window the amount of cookies and trackers deleted and from which site. Happy to see there’s a portable version, hoping cookies, trackers & other unwanted elements stay contained rather than ending up all over the place on the OS or registry. You can turn off a couple of things under Privacy in the Settings including Google Phishing and Malware Protection, the reporting of Safe Browsing incidents to google, and reporting of diagnostics. This kind of design also has advantages for the user, we (the end-users) just can’t see them . Aside from a speedier and cheaper development path, it is possible for each and every one of us to use custom JavaScript and CSS code to rebuild the Vivaldi browser to their own liking.

6 – several requests about a portable version and nothing happened. 1 – several ppl reported problems with extensions several times and they didnt care to fix most of these problems.

Martin, will you please provide some info here or better yet, write an article about Vivaldi’s privacy policies, and maybe how it compares to Mozilla’s, Google’s etc, if, you can find the info to do so. I reinstalled the browser and the bookmarks are mostly working, although I still find the bookmarks aspect ‘chaotic’.