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The 14 Most Common Causes Of Fatigue

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Plus, the stimulant can disrupt your sleep, which might worsen CFS symptoms — though it’s important to note that this hasn’t been studied in standardized trials. “It’s hard for people with CFS to have good sleep anyway,” Thayer says. “But when you consume caffeine, it definitely makes things worse.” If you love the flavor of coffee, stick to decaf or limit your daily intake to a cup of half-caf in the morning. The best way to see if you are sensitive or intolerant of a certain food is an elimination diet. Eliminate suspected foods and see if there is an improvement in your energy levels.

The Investigation noted that touchdown followed an unstabilised approach and that there had been little intervention by the First Officer. Mental fatigue, which may include sleepiness, concerns a general decrease of attention and ability to perform complex, or even quite simple tasks with customary efficiency. It can be hard to avoid these oils, which can be found in margarine, candy bars, cake mixes, processed foods, and even seemingly innocent coffee creamers. Like sugar, hydrogenated oils promote inflammation in the body that can worsen your CFS symptoms, Chong says.

It’s not always easy to pinpoint the exact reason you’re feeling low in energy. If you’re feeling tired persistently or for reasons that aren’t apparent, make an appointment to see your doctor. It could be the sign of an underlying condition, especially if it’s interfering with your daily life.

If you reintroduce the foods and the fatigue returns, the food just may be the cause. Talk to your doctor about the best way to go about an elimination diet.

  • If you feel your tiredness is unusual in some way or is coupled with other symptoms, it may be time to see your doctor.
  • You need at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night, including the rapid eye movement sleep.
  • Regular exercise can also improve sleep quality and help a person to get more rest.
  • Not getting enough sleep can impact your overall health.

When foods are fried in oil, they are typically heated to such a high temperature that harmful free radicals are produced in them, explains Chong. When these free radicals are ingested, she says, they can cause a lot of inflammation in the body, and trigger CFS symptoms. You might perk up when you first sip a cup of java, but you can also come crashing down once its effects wear off, says Thayer.

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It can also have a negative impact on your sleep by drying out your mouth and nasal passages, and can lead to snoring, hoarseness, and leg cramps. Plus, it can make you less alert and mentally clear the next day. The benefits of regular exercise are widely recognized. Exercise releases endorphins that naturally boosting your energy levels.

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Proper rest is essential if you want to maintain energy levels throughout the day. Relax before external hemorrhoids going to bed, possibly doing some gentle stretches. Improve your sleep area by keeping it clean and maintaining an appropriate temperature. Lowering your caffeine intake can give you more energy in the long run. Though caffeine may give you an initial boost of energy, after it wears off you may be left feeling depleted.